Stitchers Season 3 Finale Reactions and Hopes for the Future!

Hello my fellow Stitchers friends (or maybe you’re wondering what this whole “Stitchers” thing is about)! We’ve come to the close of another season of Stitchers on Freeform. It’s always gut-wrenching (because the Stitchers writers can be merciless with their cliffhangers!) as well as sad (because no more Stitchers for who knows how long!?) This season was a culmination of much of the mystery behind the Stitchers program, Kirsten’s fractured family, and the romance writhing under the surface for #Camsten.

So how did everything turn out? And where might it go if Freeform renews this beloved show for another season? (#RenewStitchers4 on social media, peeps. Shout it from the rooftops!) Let’s find out!

Ivy is good!

About two-thirds of the way through the season, they dropped the bombshell that Ivy was the one who created and ran the anomaly that trapped Kirsten inside of her own mind at the end of season 2. Everyone dealt with the news in their own way, but it dealt particularly hard blows to Kirsten (who felt betrayed by a sister) and Linus (who felt like his affection for her had been abused). Considering that Ivy hadn’t even known Kirsten that long at the time of the anomaly and we see that Stinger kept showing up and demanding her help, she seemed like a lost cause!

However, Maggie knew what she was doing and had Ivy double cross Stinger which ultimately led to his arrest. Hooray! Kirsten and Ivy get a chance to form a sisterly bond, and Linus FINALLY gets that date with her.

Camille is working on those trust issues!

One of the first revelations of the finale is that Camille and Amanda (now back together, yay!) are going to move in together! And even more surprising, Camille is actually 100% down for it, show a big step for her in terms of personal growth and opening up to trust again.

While I’m not sure I’m as 100% down with this idea as she is (I love Amanda, but it seems so fast and reckless! Like I know you want to learn to trust more, but girl, there are steps between 0 and 100!), I do wonder how this will play out. I think Camille has a lot of baggage from her past that she needs to deal with before any long-term relationship is going to work. Maybe Amanda will be someone who can help with this? But I could also see it taking a toll on their relationship as they try to move forward.

Who picks the stitches? Kirsten’s brain!

In a lot of science-y explanation, we learn that Kirsten and her mom both have nanobots installed at the base of their brain stem. According to Stinger it was how the Stitchers technology was originally designed to work (and what caused the “reflection” that Cameron’s mom saw in Kirsten’s brain scans). But through a bit of sleuthing in Denise Nichols’ memory (a NASA mathematician they learn has been somehow involved in choosing the cases to Stitch into), they realize that the nanobots in Kirsten’s brain have actually been exchanging information with Denise’s supercomputer, but it was ultimately Kirsten’s brain that picked the cases based on what parts of the brain were left to map. Whoa! Talk about the unconscious mind, right!

All the Stingers are now alive and awake!

The episode ends with Kirsten and the team being able to successfully wake up Jacqueline from her stitch-induced coma by firing Kirsten’s emotional energy from the corpse cassette toward her mother in the stitch tank. And in a beautiful scene of all white and light where Jacqueline and Kirsten meet for the first time in years, their theory proves successful. Sleeping beauty is awake and Prince Charmless (aka Stinger) is there to gather her up in his arms and promise he’ll never leave her. (Which, on the one hand, is a great callback to season 2’s finale when Cameron promised Kirsten he’d never leave her, but also proves that Stinger’s one and only priority has always been Jacqueline and not either of his daughters).

Camsten finally got to be together! (For a little while…)

#Camsten finally became a real thing this season! And with Linus’ genius work on an oxytocin filter, by the end of the season, they got to be together physically as well. So the finale begins with culmination of their romantic relationship, and you just knew it was too good to be true. Midway through the episode I was afraid that during the ultimate stitch, Kirsten would revert back to her emotionless, temporal dysplasia problem. (It seemed fitting because it was Kirsten’s initial stitch into her unconscious but still alive mother as a child that gave her temporal dysplasia in the first place.)

So while I was relieved that the consequences of the ultimate stitch weren’t a loss of her emotions, I wasn’t expecting the gut-punch that was her losing her memories.  On the one side, you’ve got Cameron freaking out and blaming himself because he allowed her to stitch when he knew it wasn’t safe. But on the other side, you have their friends trying to remain positive and not place blame because it’s out of their control now anyway, right?

Lost memory or covert mission?

But did Kirsten actually lose her memory? It seems heartbreakingly so until the final moment of the finale when a shadowy figure approaches Kirsten and she says, “I will never forgive you for what you’re making me do to him.” Which, of course, had all the Stitchers fans like:

So what might season 4 hold for the Stitchers crew?

We’re, of course, all asking, “Who’s Kirsten talking to?” and I think that will be at the forefront of our minds if (when!) we get a season 4. My prediction is that it’s actually Jacqueline. Most things I’ve seen have suggested Maggie or Stinger, but when did Kirsten have time to coordinate with someone her “memory loss” post stitch. No one, except for her mother, who via the nanobots they both have implanted in their brains, could potentially communicate with one another, especially when they were connected in the stitch.

As for motivation, that’s a little bit harder. We’ve only ever seen positive memories and affection shown for Jacqueline. Though she hasn’t played much of a role on-screen so far, the IDEA of her has permeated the show and Kirsten’s motivations since season 1. Essentially, while she’s been implied to be a “good guy” on the show, there’s actually no evidence to prove this. And who knows what happened to her while she was in a stitch-induced coma for years? Basically, I think Jacqueline might be next season’s new antagonist. What she’s actually working towards and whether it’s for the good or bad of our beloved characters, I’m not quite sure about yet, but I think if she is the one Kirsten was talking to, she’s definitely going to be causing some trouble!

If you love Stitchers as much as I do be sure to use the hashtag #RenewStitchers4 to spread your love and sign the petition for season 4 here!



Why Stitchers is the Absolute BEST!

In a surprising twist of events, one of my favorite shows Stitchers on Freeform (which has had moderate views and ratings for two seasons despite being jerked around in timeslots and days) has premiered with a 3rd season!  This is extremely exciting for me because it’s 1.) An amazing show and 2.) Has a passionate fanbase.  And I think during the radio silence between season 2 and the announcement of season 3 when that fanbase was reluctantly coming to the realization that our favorite show might be canceled and cried out for renewal, we actually helped influence Freeform’s decision to renew. We might be a smaller fandom but we sure are full of spunk!

I’m so happy that Freeform took a chance on a third season for Stitchers, and I wanted to share my love with you (as inspired by gifs) so that you might discover the awesomeness that is Stitchers with me!

1.) It’s full of badass ladies.

This gif pretty well sums up why this show is awesome. The ladies do the dirty work. And Kirsten is just one of them.

2.) Men of Science

Linus and Cameron are the nerdy dream team. I want these Men of Science with me if I’m ever having to solve crimes by stitching into the brains of dead people.

3.) All the nerdy references you could ever want

Cameron is simultaneously a doofus and heartthrob. And anytime you throw in a Back to the Future reference I’m a happy gal.

4.) Just Camille.

She’s got so much wit and sass. I aspire to be Camille in my everyday life. She doesn’t take sh*t from anybody.

5.) The best cast ever.

Stitchers Season 3 opens with Kirsten’s team in jeopardy. She outright refuses to work without them and goes on a mission to save them. If you’ve watched Stitchers you know why. From Maggie Bapiste, an ex-CIA assassin and now the leader of the Stitchers program to Detective Fisher, an LAPD officer recruited into the Stitchers program to the rest of the Stitchers lab team, the Stitchers world is filled with awesome and compelling characters.

6.) Sci-Fi Crime Procedural Drama

Science Fiction + the NSA? Seems outlandish, right? However, it works because the characters themselves usually feel like it’s a bit crazy too. But who’s not going to whip out an NSA badge if the times comes?

7.) BFFs not Frenemies

Stitchers begins with Camille and Kirsten at odds. They’re too brainiac girls from CalTech and you might think that this catty dynamic will be central to the show. Turns out uber competitive and smart girls CAN get along and love one another in their own odd ways (even when one of them is incapable of emotion for the first season). I love their friendship. And I love how Freeform portrays it.

8.) Linus and his family storyline

There is life outside the Stitchers lab, and this became incredibly obvious to poor Linus in Season 2 when his dad was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Ritesh Rajan does an all-star job showing the emotion of a young adult who’s got his professional life all figured out but a chip on his shoulder in relation to his family, dealing with this real life drama.

9.) The way Kyle Harris looks at Emma Ishta

Oh gosh…just…MY HEART!

10.) #Camsten

Very rarely do I start a series and from day one am I completely gung-ho about a ship. But with Camsten, I just can’t even! They’re such a perfect pair, it’s crazy! And I’m hoping to get some great Camsten payoff in season 3 after these last two seasons of angst!

So guys if you haven’t already checked it out:

Also if you’re looking for the basic run down of the plot check out blog on the show pre-season 2 here, and my video about season 1 below!



OMG Moments from Pretty Little Liars’ Summer Finale

PLL Summer Finale

Have you watched the Pretty Little Liars 7a Summer Finale yet? WARNING! There are SPOILERS ahead! Don’t read this blog yet. Go watch it (trust me, it’s worth it) and then you can come back and gasp with me!






Have you watched it yet?






I’m warning you!






Okay, I’m going to assume, if you’re reading this then you HAVE watched the summer finale of Pretty Little Liars, and in that case: OH MY GOSH WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!?!?!?

Questions Answered and OMG Moments of the Summer Finale

  • Alison is Pregnant!  Something we were all expecting with the rumors of a pregnancy on the show going around.  Time will tell though if this is a just your average pregnancy or if it’s another plot by A.D. (I mean, we still don’t know what happened to Emily’s eggs so there’s that creepy possibility.
  • Noel Kahn is not Mary’s 2nd child!  Though that doesn’t stop him from being or working for A.D. But he’s VERY decapitated right now so I have a feeling we won’t be seeing anymore of his antics.
  • Caleb and Hanna get back together! And have a steamy hook-up on the floor next to a fireplace that’s not used unless it serves as a plot device or cool backdrop. Because everyone has reunion sex next to a fireplace, right? (e.g. The Notebook)
  • Emily currently has the most game of all the girls which is surprising since she’s literally been the one struggling the most in the relationship department since the time jump. No, since FOREVER.  Honestly, though, as much as I like Paige, she’s being a total creepster, and Alison is just too…manipulative. I never know what she’s really after. Sabrina is literally looking like the only person who might actually be good for Emily if she could learn how to share her stresses and secrets.
  • Spencer gets shot! In the chest too, so it’s not looking good for this girl. (And she’s one of my favorite characters!) But if we’re answering the question of the “spectacular death” that would probably go to Noel.  Spencer is still technically alive and I’m hoping she’s not gone for the last 10 episodes!
  • Toby and Yvonne get into a car wreck! Why? How? Was A.D. involved or was this just an unfortunate coincidence? And are either of them alive?
  • Nicole is found! And Ezra is there and not on a plane home to Aria. I guess we should have known that the girl got a happy ending too early in the season for it to last. My Ezria feels are disintegrating.
  • Spencer is Mary’s 2nd child!  This is definitely the biggest reveal of the night, but I wouldn’t say it comes as a total surprise. I’ve been reading comments since the reveal of Mary Drake that suggest that Spencer is somehow related to Mary Drake. They just look too similar since the time jump. Plus there is their creepy first meeting that just felt…off somehow.  And now we know why!

So we get lots of reveals during this episode, but as always we’re left with so many more questions.  However, I will say that I can feel this story tying up which is a welcome feeling. But until then, here’s what we’ll go into the second half of the season asking:

Questions We Still Have or Are Now Raised

  • How screwed up is the Hastings family? I mean, REALLY? They’re looking just as bad the DiLaurentis’s at this point with all the half siblings and adopted children.  Why did no one know or tell Spencer she was adopted?
  • Has Spencer really known all along and she’s working for A.D. or Mary or SOMEBODY. I highly doubt this, but it’s still a question that needs answering. If she dies, we won’t know.
  • Who shot Spencer? Jenna’s last words after being kidnapped by A.D. suggest that the blind girl was shooting blindly and didn’t hit Spencer.  That it was in fact, someone else.
  • Are Emily’s eggs in anyway involved in Alison’s pregnancy?
  • Why did Noel and Jenna set the #PLLDeathtrap? What do the girls “know too much” about?
  • Why are Mona and Caleb always teamed up together when we all know that they’re the one’s who can think the fastest and get the girls out of a bind? Split them up!
  • What’s going to happen now that Nicole is back in the picture? This is a sad, SAD situation for everyone involved. I love Ezra and Aria, but Nicole and Ezra obviously had a thing and she’s been in captivity for several months/years. This is something that needs to be resolved delicately.
  • Are Toby and Yvonne going to survive? There’s a cruel part of me that just wants Toby to survive so he and Spencer can be together but I know that’s not fair and brings all kind of baggage with it.
  • Who bought Toby’s house? (I feel like A.D. did…)
  • Are Hanna and Caleb officially back together? Please!?
  • Where is Lucas? I feel like he’s going to show back up here at any time.
  • Where is A.D. taking Jenna?
  • What’s up with the slimey Archer Dunhill? There’s no way his story is over quite yet.
  • Finally, who is A.D.? We’re running out of people here.

As you can see, we have more questions than answers, but those questions lead us to some fun predictions for the last 10 episodes of PLL ever!

Thoughts and Predictions on the End GAme

  • Hanna and Caleb get married. I feel like that’s the more likely “wedding end game” than Ezra and Aria. Especially since we started the time jump with Hanna being engaged.
  • My crazy prediction is that Spencer has an identical twin who is actually A.D. Or really I want SOMEONE to have a twin or split personality. Someone who’s totally evil and crazy and pulls it off better than CeCe. I’d be satisfied with either Spencer or Aria. Hanna and Emily are just too good and loyal for it.
  • There’s also the thought that Archer Dunhill actually has a twin and he’s A.D., but I don’t really know why he would be.
  • Or Lucas. Because…I don’t know…he’s Lucas and he always ends up being the scapegoat.
  • I want Ali to keep the baby. She’s got ZERO real family (other than Jason when he dains to show up in Rosewood), and while her child would be a product of some kind of twisted lie, abuse, or science experiment, I think if she could handle raising a kid, it would do wonders for her character. She had a horrible mother and comes from a family of horrible parenting, I feel like it could be redeeming for her raise and love a child the way she should have been raised.
  • Mona needs to get the heck out of Rosewood.  She’s too smart for this stuff.

So what do you think? What were your OMG moments from the summer finale of Pretty Little Liars? Do you have your own theories about the end gAme? Tell me in the comments so we can discuss!



Why You Should Watch Stitchers


In case you missed it, last summer “Stitchers” premiered on Freeform (formerly ABC Family) which was the station’s first procedural drama. It follows Kirsten Clark (Emma Ishta) who has the fictional condition of Temporal Dysplasia which causes her to be unable to sense the passing of time. This “disability” actually makes her a unique candidate for a covert government agency called the “Stitchers Program.” Team lead of the program, Maggie Baptiste (Salli Richardson), recruits Kirsten to the program where she is “stitched” into the minds of murdered victims in order to solve crimes with the help of a group of saavy science-oriented 20-somethings, Cameron (Kyle Harris), Linus (Ritesh Rajan), and Camille (Allison Scagliotti).

I was interested in watching this show originally because it looked like a cool science-fiction take on the crime procedural TV drama. So I tried it, and then I was hooked! It has all the fun science fiction and action-packed crime drama that you could want, but my favorite part of the series so far is the quirky cast of characters. So with Stitchers Season 2 premiering at 10 pm on Tuesday March 22nd, I felt like as a Stitchers fan, it was my duty to tell the world how awesome this show is so you can enjoy it too! So here are my Top 10 Reasons You Should Watch Stitchers!

#1: Linus and Camille


They have the best chemistry! It’s quirky and weird, but the episode where Camille meets Linus’s parents because he had told them he had a girlfriend under stressful conditions (he thought he was going to die…) is a heart-melter!

#2: Cameron and Kirsten


I feel like 99% of the people who love Stitchers love it because of the relationship between Cameron and Kirsten. I mean, we start out the entire series with a totally HOT kiss between the two that actually didn’t mean anything at all. But it was great foreshadowing to the potential they have as a couple. Also, the whole series is both about their relationship and not about it at all. It seems counterintuitive to say that, but it’s true! It’s really about their friendship and how Kirsten, as a girl who can’t sense time and therefore can’t truly experience emotion, comes to trust and care for her new coworker.

#3: Kirsten


Kirsten is just a really interesting character. To be totally honest though, she seems like a bitch in the first episode. She’s so detached from the world, but you learn later in the season that’s because of her Temporal Dysplasia which makes her great at stitching but not so much at making friends. Yet somehow she still does find friends through the Stitchers program who genuinely care about her, and we grow to love her just like they do.

#4: Temporal Dysplasia


This is one of those weird made up conditions that sounds just crazy enough to be real. Plus the Stitchers marketing team did an awesome job by actually creating a legitimate-looking (but fake) website explaining the condition and how scientists have studied it. I know from the comments that I wasn’t the first person to be fooled into thinking “well yeah, maybe that IS a real thing!”

#5: Cameron


Cameron is a nerdy neuroscientist heartthrob! He’s smart, sassy, and the leader of the Stitchers team (essentially he “drives” the stitch). Plus he has some mysterious backstory (like that giant scar on his chest from open heart surgery as a child) which has to be explored more in the coming season. And then there’s the fact that he genuinely cares for Kirsten.   She might seem completely crazy at times and can’t properly express emotion, but he’s always got her back.

#6: The Mystery Behind the Stitchers Program


There’s something crazy going on in the dusty and dark rafters of the Stitchers’ program. We know Kirsten is somehow in the center of it, but she doesn’t remember (thanks to her Temporal Dysplasia). Essentially, this show is about way more than seeing the memories of dead people to solve crimes.

#7: Kirsten’s messed up family history


(SPOILER) She was the first person to be stitched. Except her father stitched her into her unconscious (but still alive) mother’s mind which ended up killing her mother and causing Kirsten’s Temporal Dysplasia and loss of her memories. Plus there’s the whole issue with her father and adopted father’s role in the creation of the Stitchers program.

#8: Maggie Baptiste


I didn’t really like Maggie until the last few episodes of Season 1. She’s made out to be the bad guy who has all the answers about the Stitchers program but refuses to give them up even when people’s lives are in danger. But her character really starts to open up in singular scenes later in the season when she’s on the phone with still-unknown characters. You see that she’s got a soft underbelly beneath that spiky and scary government-issued armor.

#9: A Science-Fiction Take on Crime Procedural Dramas


Everybody loves a good crime procedural! I mean, why else have shows like “Criminal Minds” and “Law & Order” and “NCIS” been popular for so many seasons? So why not throw just a little bit of science-fiction into the mix—like seeing dead people’s memories to solve crimes—to mix up that overdone format for a new and younger generation? I think it’s a recipe for awesome!

#10: Camille and Kirsten’s friendship


Camille and Kirsten are roommates. Camille and Kirsten are opposites in every way. Camille is bubbly and full of life. Kirsten is reserved and emotionless. They are not friends when we start this show. In fact, they’re actually enemies since Camille claims that Kirsten has stolen her Caltech thesis work. But their opposite personalities develop over the season to be complimentary rather than opposing so that they have the kind of love-you-hate-you kind of friendship that most shows give to two male characters. It’s a fresh take on female friendship and makes me a little jealous of it!

Right now you can catch up on all 10 episodes from the first season on Freeform’s website and app for free! So binge it now before Season 2 premieres next week! And let me know how excited you are for the new season! The world needs to be watching Stitchers!

Check out the Season 2 Promo here:

And my video on Stitchers Season 1 here:


In Defense of “Spaleb” (Or That Time Pretty Little Liars Jumped Five Years Forward and Broke Up Fan-Favorite Ships)

Spaleb 1

Pretty Little Liars’ five-year time jump this winter season has all the fan favorite relationships in turmoil. But really, what can you realistically expect after five years out of high school and their hometown? Despite two years translating to five and half seasons, technically they’ve spent more time off in the adult world than they did in their high-school relationships (both friend and romantic). So why is everyone up in arms at the prospect of Spencer and Caleb getting together?

Well, first let’s look at the fandom. I think if you did a poll on which “ship” fans rooted for the most on PLL, “Haleb” (aka Hanna and Caleb) would win. I’m even a Haleb shipper! But I think that comes from Hanna and Caleb being my two favorite characters on the show so the fact that they get to be a couple just brings all kinds of juicy fun feelings as a viewer!

Spaleb 2

But honestly, I really don’t have a problem with “Spaleb.” People are angry online because “you shouldn’t date your friend’s ex” (which is, honestly, good advice). Some are creeped out and find it gross. (But I think that’s just because they’re so obsessed with Haleb that they’re not seeing beyond it).   Others feel like it isn’t realistic or is too rushed. But I have to disagree with all of these assertions and here’s why.

  1. Spencer didn’t just fall in love with Caleb and start dating/hooking up with him right after he and Hanna broke up. It’s been YEARS. Long enough for Hanna to have moved on to the point that she’s engaged to another guy and looks quite happy. I feel like there might be a time limit on dating your friend’s exes. Like if it’s been 3 years and you don’t even talk to your friend that much (except for when you’re sequestered in your hometown because of your potential involvement in a murder case), it’s probably okay to fall in love with your friend’s ex. I mean, let’s be realistic here.
  2. It’s not one-sided at all. I feel like in the first 3 episodes of this half of the season, PLL did a great job of setting up Spencer and Caleb’s “history” over the last 5 years. And it’s a really believable story. They went through hell in high school in their own way. They meet randomly while traveling the world for school/life experience. And they cling to one another because of a sense of camaraderie and history. They know what the other went through without having to do all the embarrassing and traumatic explaining. And so they have adult experiences together for a few years. It’s not too far of a stretch to find them developing feelings for one another with time. (Maybe it’s just not the best idea to get together while you’re both hanging out in your hometown with a murder investigation going on and your exes running around too).
  3. They actually had chemistry prior to the “Five Years Forward” time jump. In the last few seasons, we found Spencer and Caleb being paired together several times doing detective work. It was always platonic and understandably so, but they were friends first. And friends with similar interests. They’re both—how do I say this nicely—the smartest ones of the group. Hanna, Aria, and Emily are all wonderfully talented girls, but Spencer’s got the lock on “school smarts.” And she’s “tech-y” like Caleb. So you can see where their interests might overlap in the world outside of high school drama.

In all honesty, I find it kind of romantic and sweet that two friends from high school would meet again a few years later on the other side of the world when they’re not bogged down by the stress and trauma of being stalked by a crazy person and reconnect and fall in love. Because if PLL were reality, none of those high relationships would have lasted anyway. I mean, there’s a slim possibility, but since all the girls (but Alison) went off to different states for college, it’s inevitable that they’d change and grow apart from their high school beaus. For once, I feel like PLL actually depicted something close to reality. And for me, that’s kind of a win!

You don’t have to like Spaleb. You can hope and pray that “Haleb” and “Spoby” is end game. (I know I’m rooting for “Ezria!”) But let’s not call it disgusting. Life (and five years) changes people. I’m just glad PLL is finally acknowledging that!

Spaleb 3


Why You Shouldn’t Cancel a TV Show About Cancer

Chasing Life 1        I unwillingly and accidentally became a Chasing Life fan. ABC Family worked their scheduling magic and ran Chasing Life’s freshman season after my favorite network show Pretty Little Liars—a surefire way to get someone hooked. While I didn’t need any more shows to add to my already burgeoning watch-list, I couldn’t help but love the characters and find myself connecting with April’s “mid-twenties, still living at home, trying to figure out what her career dream is” persona. It was fun to have a TV show about characters actually my age and in a similar post-graduate situation rather than the perpetual “we’re still in high-school even though it’s been 6 years” *cough*PrettyLittleLiars*cough* that ABC Family specializes in.

But even though the storyline and characters seemed to be a little more grown-up, I was still skeptical when watching those first few trailers because John Green’s mega-hit book turned blockbuster The Fault in Our Stars had just debuted theaters that summer, and it felt like everyone was jumping on the cancer bandwagon (just as it feels like everyone’s on the transgender wagon right now). But cancer is a serious thing. I didn’t want to support a show that was turning a serious subject into a cash cow.

Chasing Life 2 And I felt that way until I actually watched the show. It took a few episodes as the main character, April, isn’t exactly likable right off the bat (she’s perfectionism magnified) and there’s nothing exciting that happens plot-wise (she’s diagnosed with cancer, big surprise). At first glance the characters appear stereotypical—the bratty younger sister, the overprotective mom, the recently-passed perfect father, the estranged uncle, the perfect love-interest, the bubbly best-friend, and later, the rich, bad boy with a (cancer) death-sentence. Actually April’s snarky grandmother appears to be the only unique and likeable character! But this is an illusion. As April’s cancer story unfolds—her choices as to who to tell and not tell and her decisions regarding her job and health—so too do the characters. We come to see that Brenna is not just a bratty younger sister, she’s a fiercely loyal sibling and much more mature and smart than she first appears. We find the estranged uncle to be a strong advocate for April’s health and a great model of forgiveness. And a fan-favorite, Leo, the rich, bad boy turns out to be a personal make-a-wish for adults and the greatest challenge to make April live in the moment (something as a perfectionist myself, I can attest is difficult to do).

I really felt like Chasing Life hit its stride in its sophomore season though. As April’s health outlook appeared more and more grim, we explored what it means to live fully and to grieve and to follow your dreams. April’s cancer became a looming backdrop for a young woman having to really live because she didn’t know how much time she had left. It meant throwing caution to the wind on things that we millenials are so particular about right now. It meant getting married to a man she’d only known for a few months. It meant making drastic and risky health decisions. It meant quitting a stable job to pursue a long-buried dream.

It also meant as viewers we didn’t always like or agree with April’s decisions, but we can’t fault her for them because it is her life. And just as she had to realize she couldn’t let other’s impressions and expectations of her control her life, as viewers we have to learn to respect her (aka the writer’s decisions). But we don’t ever want to give up hope. That’s what the title is about, right? “Chasing life?” It seems to be slipping away from her, but she’s running, desperately trying to catch that train.

Chasing Life 3Season two ended in a bittersweet way with April announcing that she was ready to die. That she’d fought and now she was done. It was heart wrenching and confusing because “NO APRIL YOU CANNOT JUST LIE DOWN AND DIE IN ITALY!” And then just a few days later, it’s announced that Chasing Life has been canceled. And you CAN’T cancel a show about cancer. Not without her beating cancer or dying trying. Unfortunately, with the way season 2 ends, we’re left believing that April’s story ends in the latter outcome. Which for all the trials she’s been able to overcome so far (e.g. finding out her father had a secret family, her boyfriend dumping her when he found out she had cancer and lied to him about it, her almost-new-boyfriend being in a coma for months, her husband dying after only a month of marriage, finding out her father had ALS and didn’t die in car accident but actually intentionally wrecked his car and blackmailed his brother into covering it up) seems like a poor excuse for an ending. Not that she has to have a happy ending. I mean, cancer is real life. And cancer doesn’t always have a happy ending. Well…real life rarely has a happy ending. But there’s something more final and gut wrenching about canceling a show about cancer than shows with other plots and topics. We can imagine the characters going on and overcoming whatever obstacle they faced last because usually their troubles are just over the line of reality. But cancer isn’t. Cancer is reality. April’s struggle is real life dramatized.

So I understand the outcry that Chasing Life fans have at the announcement of the series’ cancellation. It feels like more of a lack of faith in April’s survival than a strategic choice based on ratings. We want April to live! And it’s a hard thing to believe in when even the network doesn’t seem to have hope.

Chasing Life 4

What do you think? Did you ever have a favorite show canceled too soon? (ABC Family probably contributed to at least half of them. Jerks…)