A Farewell to The Mindy Project

So The Mindy Project aired its final episode this week. Season 6 was particularly short (only 10 episodes!) which is heartbreaking (because why can’t it go on forever!), but also I think realistic considering Mindy Kaling’s real life pregnancy and how well this season did on bringing in old characters and tying up storylines.

Also, it should be noted that if you haven’t watched the final episode or aren’t caught up on this season, this post will contain SPOILERS! So I highly recommend you skip this post until you’ve indulged in the final moments of Mindy’s story!

So now, let’s talk about that ending!

When Mindy and Danny broke up in season 4, I wrote this blog post detailing how I felt like the show did an amazing job at bringing to light some of Danny’s not-so-Prince-Charming qualities slowly over the course of the first half of the season which ultimately ended in one of my favorite drama-worthy scenes from the series in which Mindy and Danny fight over the disconnect between her professional ambitions and her duties as a mother/wife.  It’s in this scene that it becomes clear that Mindy will never be able to be herself if she stays with Danny.

It was heartbreaking, but a great moment to propel Mindy towards more personal growth. And since that point, Mindy has been moving forward as she adjusted to being a single mom, starting her own business, making friends with (and I think inspiring change in) the most sexist and racist character on the show, finding the Prince Charming and fairytale ending she’d always wanted but realizing life isn’t as simple as it seems in romance movies and ultimately getting a divorce.

The Mindy Project has always been a show that puts a spin on the classic idea of a “Rom-Com” so I don’t know exactly how I feel that the show ended with the very typical rom-com resolution of “guy shows he’s changed with a romantic gesture and guy and girl decide to get back together because they never stopped loving one another.” It’s hard to assess because on the one hand, I’m a fan of the show, and I’ve known from the beginning that the only person capable of matching Mindy’s crazy is Danny (who we learn over the course of the show has his own closet full of crazy) and so the thought of them being end-game especially after such a long (and needed) break-up is both exciting, but also disappointing.

While it’s great that Danny seems to have changed his mind on “Mothers in the Workplace,” it’s still by no means a perfect relationship.  I think they do pay respect to that fact a bit because after their make-up kiss, Danny immediately launches into the “I can’t live in your apartment” shtick that caused stress two and half seasons ago.  Mindy quickly shuts this down as a topic for later and points out that Danny does in fact like cupcake shops despite the discomfort it causes to his machismo.

Really the problem may be how rushed the ending felt since I was left with so many questions. While your average rom-com tends to gloss over the questions of the feasibility of a relationship, The Mindy Project has always handled them head on which is why in this moment of resolution, it seems strange to throw our seemingly star-crossed lovers together but still with so many doubts of whether their relationship can work hanging over our heads.

But then it also might be an attempt to show that relationships are messy and far from perfect. And that sometimes you just find a person that you fit the best with even if the edges aren’t quite all trimmed and try to work it out the best you can.  Sometimes it takes being apart and growing as separate people but ultimately coming back together. Maybe, hopefully it will work for Mindy and Danny, but perhaps the best we can do is try.


Please Remember That the Stranger Things Kids…are KIDS

Hey, did you watch Stranger Things 2? Because I watched Stranger Things 2, and it was everything I could have hoped for and more! (Plus, we get a season 3, right? RIGHT?!) But if you’ve been on the Internet post-ST2’s release, you probably also know that more than the awesomeness of this season is being discussed. Most concerning in this online discussion: how “hot” the Stranger Things stars are.

This is really freaking creepy.

Yes, the Stranger Things kids are adorable. Yes, Millie Bobby Brown looks 110% more stylish than me in all the press photos and it makes me feel a bit self-conscious. And yes, these kids make my inner boy-crazy 12 year old heart squeal in delight.  But we call them the “Stranger Things KIDS” for a reason. It’s because they’re CHILDREN.

I haven’t quite figured out why people think it’s ok to sexualize children. And then, even more confusing, when child stars grow up to have “rebellious” stages or revel in their sexuality, it’s seen as obscene and that the star has “gone bad.”  

Miley Cyrus is a prime example. In her Disney Channel Hannah Montana days, she was sweet and innocent. And also had adult men crushing on her.  But then fast forward to her Wrecking Ball, bleached blonde, grinding on Robin Thicke at the VMAs days, and she’s “gone too far!” “She’s a slut!” “She’s disgusting!”

This is a genuine face palm moment. Which is it? What do you want from her? Can she only be “sexy” if it’s on the general public’s terms? Does taking control of her own sexuality somehow make her disgusting?

This same kind of double standard has happened over and over again with child stars as they are sexualized and exploited at such a young age and then when they become adults and they lash out against their past treatment or spiral into addiction or some other unfortunate coping mechanism, they’re rejected. The collective tide of public love turns to scorn when what made them famous in the first place (i.e. their singing, acting, dancing, creative ability) hasn’t changed at all. Suddenly they are seen as ungrateful for the fame that the public has bestowed upon them. (In fact, this is happening already as Finn Wolfhard was shamed for not interacting with fans outside of his hotel). They are throwing away the privileges that their celebrity has given them. And they are betraying their greatest fans.

I suppose it might be that I just don’t understand the kind of ownership that fans feel for actors, movies, books, etc. That because there is a collective love for something that they’ve taken part in, then the people who benefit from it (i.e. authors, actors, screenwriters, directors, artists, etc) are somehow indebted to those fans. And they should take whatever is thrown at them like being a sex symbol at 13 or being expected to fawn over all your fans all the time even if they’re skulking around outside your hotel when they shouldn’t be there.

The Stranger Things Kids are just kids. They’re children who landed incredible roles and are wonderful young actors and have become part of a pop-culture phenomenon. But please, let’s protect them as best we can. Let’s not sexualize them. Let’s not demand they interact with us if it’s not at a sponsored event where that’s the main purpose. (And even then, remember to respect boundaries because they’re still humans who sometimes are sick or having a bad day and aren’t functioning at 100% all the time.)

Instead, why don’t we embrace these fun and full-of-life kids for all their quirks and cute teenageness. And hope they can have somewhat normal and successful adult lives not marred by the shadows of too-quick childhood fame. That’s the least we could do for these little actors who’ve brought so much bingeable goodness into our homes, right?


Turtles All The Way Down Book Tour with John & Hank Green

In 2012 I attended VidCon for the first time and was recognized by Michael Buckley as a “YouTuber on the Rise.” I got to go onto the mainstage while he introduced the promising creators to the crowd and afterward, as I was walking off stage, John and Hank Green (who were co-MCing the morning’s events because VidCon was still small enough at this point for them to do so) passed by and offered their congratulations. And before I even knew what was happening, John Green hugged me.

John Green hugged me. Like no big deal.

And the saddest part about this whole incident was that I really didn’t know THAT much about John (or Hank) at this point. I knew they made up the Vlogbrothers and had seen some of their content. But wouldn’t have considered myself a “Nerdfighter” at that point. And I definitely hadn’t read any of John’s novels yet. It wasn’t until I got back to my new found VidCon friends who I quickly learned were DEFINITELY Nerdfighters that I realized the gravity of the situation.

People wait in lines for hours to hug John Green! And I got a casual, congratulatory hug like it was nothing.

So now let’s fast forward five years. I have decided that maybe there’s some merit to this whole “John Green” thing and read all his books (except Will Grayson, Will Grayson, and that’s only because it wasn’t in my library during my “Read Everything By John Green” phase). I made sure I saw (and sobbed through) “The Fault in Our Stars” and “Paper Towns” in theaters. And I’m an avid “Dear Hank and John” podcast listener in part because I deeply relate to John’s cynicism (and germaphobia). Essentially, I have very much embraced Nerdfighteria.

And when John announced his book tour for his latest novel “Turtles All the Way Down,” and I saw there was a stop in Washington, D.C. (which is about as close of a stop most anyone makes near me because so few people come to Virginia!), I knew I had to find a way to go. Because despite seeing John and Hank perform in various capacities at VidCon for the last 5 years, it just felt like there was something special about this particular tour at this particular time in my life and the world.

And it was immensely special. It was silly (as expected) and heartfelt (because TAtWD deals with struggles that though contained in a fictional book, are very real things John’s dealt with) and something I really needed.

Feeling part of a community is so important. And the Internet has made it possible to be a part of many diverse communities that before the ability to digitally erase physical distance, would have been impossible. However, the difficulty of internet communities is that the physical distance does eventually become felt. VidCon was the first answer to this problem for me, but now it’s become SO BIG and with SO MANY communities coming together that it can be hard to connect with the right people in the right communities that mean something for you.  

Which is why if you have to opportunity to go to something like a John Green Book Tour stop where you’re in an auditorium filled with people who are all very much a part of the same community you are, you absolutely need to do it!  The last five to six months have been really tough for me and one of the things (surprisingly enough) that’s kept me grounded has been listening to the Dear Hank and John podcast. While hearing Hank and John give answers or insights that I agree with or find interesting is one part of it, what’s really helped me is hearing other Nerdfighters’ questions. They are inquisitive and sarcastic and confused by the world sometimes. But more than anything it confirms that other people, all around the world even, go through some of the same struggles I go through. It’s a helpful reassurance to know I’m not alone.

All of this is to say, I’m so thankful that the Green Brothers are out there creating communities for people like me and that I get to be a part of them digitally and even sometimes physically. These are special moments for me, and I hope that you have a community (or two!) that you can take part in this way too!

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Once Upon a Time: 7×01 Thoughts and 7×02 Predictions!

I promise I’ll get back to non-Once Upon a Time/TV-related content eventually, but there’s just too much stuff to think about, and I want to write it down for posterity!

Last week we talked about the new season of Once Upon a Time and how it was a reboot and a new beginning for the show. (Queue tears for the loss of Jennifer Morrison on the show, but excitement for new stories!)

But basically, we’ve known very little about what actually is going to take place this season or how Emma exits the show (Death? Break-up? No!) But between the first episode of season 7 and the preview images and promo for episode 2 (the one-off episode that Jennifer Morrison agreed to return for), I think I’m getting a better idea of what’s happening, and I’m FREAKING STOKED!

First, let’s talk about the first episode of this season. My first thoughts post-watch were mixed and confusing. It was Once Upon a Time, the show I love. But for a show in it’s seventh season, it had a lot of exposition for a season opener.

But that’s when it hit me that this is a pilot episode. It’s a pilot for this new world and new story and new characters. It’s definitely based in our original OUAT mythology, but this episode is setting up more than a season. It’s essentially establishing a nearly new TV show. Same mythology, but mostly different characters and slightly different execution.

I can understand why this might totally turn off some fans. It’s like getting a spinoff or sequel series labeled as the original series. If you weren’t expecting it, I could see it being jarring. But from what I’ve been observing on social media since season 6 ended, is that people are in two significant camps. They either love the show for it’s unique take on fairytales and will follow it wherever it goes (I’m here!) or they have a very narrow view of the way the show should function (mainly with respect to its seasons 1-6 main characters and the state of their happy endings) and had abandoned ship with the announcement of Jennifer Morrison leaving the show. They might have decided to watch the first few episodes to see where it goes, but I think with the pilot-like feel of episode 1 and what I suspect is going to happen in episode 2, they may not be returning.

And honestly, that’s okay. I think (although I certainly don’t know at this point with only one episode under our belt) that the OUAT creators are going to honor the journey we went through in seasons 1-6 and season 7 is very much a new, slightly unrelated journey.

I will say that I’m excited for this new and untraditional Cinderella. She definitely captured my heart as soon as she knocked out Henry and commandeered his motorcycle! Also, the new adult Henry played by Andrew J. West was a pleasant surprise. While I feel like we’re going to have reintroduce ourselves to this adult Henry a bit, I feel like in the first episode he navigated the line between likable hero and irritating, clueless grownup who doesn’t believe in fairytales that harkened back to Emma in the pilot. (Especially with his “Really?” at the troll under the bridge. Like mother, like son!) Also, a standout is Alison Fernandez as Lucy, Henry and Jacinda’s daughter, who’s taken over the “little kid who remembers, but everyone just thinks she believes too hard in fairy tales” mantel from Henry. She has been amazing on Jane the Virgin as young Jane, and she’s just as innocent and beautiful on OUAT but with a much larger role! So I’m excited to see where she’ll go!

Now for what I think might happen in episode 2 and how Emma’s absence will be explained. First take a look at this picture:


So I’ve been torn about Emma/Jenn leaving the show. On the one hand, I’m actually glad to put Emma’s story to rest (because she has been through A LOT!), but on the other, I’ve been afraid that in order to explain her absence in this time jump, they were going to have to kill her off or have she and Hook break up so that he could be caught up in the curse because there’s just no way that if Henry were in trouble that she wouldn’t be out looking for him and certainly wouldn’t be separated from her true love in a curse!

But with the promo suggesting that there are somehow TWO Killians and this photo suggesting that she and Hook are expecting a baby, I think I’m getting a clearer picture of what’s going on. We were introduced last season to alternate universes as Regina’s Evil Queen half had Emma sent to a Wish Realm where the Dark Curse had never been enacted. We met AU Robin there who Regina brought back with them, though later it turned out he wasn’t quite the original Robin and not really fit for this world. Eventually, when Regina accepted her Evil Queen side and gave her some of her good heart, and eventually sent she  her to live in that Wish Realm. So essentially, we know that alternate universes exist in OUAT mythology and there can be multiple versions of the same person. I don’t know if it’s a Wish Realm or perhaps Killian is the only Captain Hook in the different storybooks, but I think they’re going to introduce an AU Hook and he’ll be the one left in the Cursed World with Henry and the others. And Emma and original universe Hook will return to Storybrooke (or wherever!), have a baby, and continue living their “happy beginning.” I imagine there will be some conversation between Emma and Henry along the lines of, “It’s my story/journey now” and the torch shall be passed.

From a show writer’s perspective, I think this makes sense. We don’t destroy the true love story that was built over several seasons, and we now have a new single Killian Jones to pair off with someone because if we’re being honest here, there was no way they were going to continue with Colin O’Donoghue on the show and somehow keep him single. This is primetime TV we’re talking about and romance sells.

So…these are just my hunches (and maybe a little bit of hopes because I don’t want Emma to die!), but I think we’ve been given enough clues that I’m on the right track. This does open up the question of whether the Regina and Gold in Hyperion Heights are also AU versions of themselves. We know Regina already has a doppelganger in the Wish Realm so could it be the Evil Queen running Roni’s instead? As for Mr. Gold, while it seems unlikely that Rumple would actually let himself get caught by a curse, it’s also just as difficult to imagine there being any other Rumple, but Rumple himself.

Whatever it turns it out to be, we’ll just have to wait and see!


Once Upon a Time: New Season, New Storybook!

If you haven’t seen it already, you need to check out my Emma Swan cosplay from yesterday’s new video. I am in high excited gear for the new season of Once Upon a Time premiering tonight on ABC at 8 PM! So excited that I felt like this was the perfect time (and maybe the last time it would be relevant) to finally realize my dream of cosplaying Emma Swan.

OUAT’s season 7 will begin with a big absence as it’s main character for the last 6 seasons is leaving the show. Emma has always been my favorite character, and I’m sad to see her go (and admittedly, curious as to how they’ll explain her exit from the show), but I’m also incredibly excited for this “reboot” as we now recenter with adult Henry as the hero of a new storybook world and curse!

OUAT has been in need of a good reboot in my opinion. At first it was always exciting to go to a new “land” every season (e.g. Neverland, Oz, Camelot), but I suppose, the gimmick got old especially when it stopped seeming as important to the story. I love exploring new Fairytale lands and characters, but if you look at season 6 and the introduction of the “Land of Untold Stories,” we were actually there for such a short period of time and it seemed like more of a device to throw in some extra characters for one off stories rather than full arcs. Things just started to feel rushed, I guess. I like diving into the backstories of characters, but it started to feel somewhat disingenuous, especially since new fairytale characters only seemed to be brought on to somehow further the story of the main cast (i.e. Emma, Snow and Charming, Regina, Hook, Gold, etc). One and done style, basically.

But that’s enough negativity! Because despite my gripes with the show, I still love it. And I have hope that maybe a reboot with new characters will lead to deeper character exploration and more interesting (or rather, less convoluted) stories!

So What Do We Know So Far?

We’re jumping into the future when Henry’s older (29, perhaps?) and has experienced new storybook worlds on his own, but somehow has fallen prey to a curse that wiped his memory.

And it’s up to his daughter Lucy, much like Henry’s original mission with Emma in season 1, to make him believe again!

We’re in a new land with new versions of characters we’ve seen before: Cinderella, Alice, Tiana from the Princess and the Frog so that gives me hope for even more takes on those fairytales.

Also, no more Storybrooke, Maine! We’re now in Hyperion Heights, Washington, just outside of Seattle. We find our characters under a new curse, seemingly instituted by Cinderella’s evil stepmother and somehow Regina, Hook, and Gold have been caught up in the magic too!

Also, Henry drives a (August’s?) motorcycle and it’s AMAZING. (I love this picture of Cinderella in her big, poofy ball gown on the back it with Henry!)

Should You Be Excited or Scared?

I saw a lot of super negative comments when it was announced that OUAT wasn’t ending after season 6, but instead rebooting itself after Jennifer Morrison’s exit. “Once Upon a Time is done for me after season 6!” “How can you get rid of the main character and expect people to keep watching!?” And yes, it’s extremely sad to see Emma/Jenn go, but the great thing about a show like OUAT with an ensemble cast and based on fairy tales, is that it’s completely possible and logical for a new hero to take center stage. As long as the show doesn’t negate any of the journey we’ve been on for the last 6 seasons in doing so (i.e. breaking up Captain Swan when they were supposed to be true love; killing Emma without any sense of a happy ending, etc), I feel like change is good!  I feel like there are definitely still stories to be told. (That’s one reason I’m super excited that Zelena got added back to the cast since I feel like there’s still some sister bonding that Regina and Zelena need to do!) And while sad to see some of our favorite characters go (i.e. Charming and Snow, Belle), I think it will give the show more room to breathe and develop new characters and stories!

OUAT has had so many great characters they let fall to the wayside because I think they’d overextended themselves story-wise and focused too heavily on side stories for the main cast. (Some of my favorites were Mulan, Aurora, Ruby/Red Riding Hood, and Ariel! Plus whatever happened to the rest of Camelot’s townspeople?) But hopefully with a pared down cast, new characters, and a new curse and set of main heroes, I think we have the possibility of finding a new OUAT groove!

But then, it also might not work at all. And that will be sad, but okay too. I’m just excited that we get more OUAT and to explore new worlds. So here’s to another season of magic and mayhem!

I really hope this hand to hook action from a sneak peek photo means that Killian and Emma are still going strong!


Fall 2017 TV Show Round-Up!

Somehow the summer has slipped away from me, and it’s fall again. Even though I’m sad to see the warm weather and beach days replaced by cooler temperatures and Halloween candy, fall does bring one of my favorite parts of the year: new seasons for my favorite TV shows! I’m always excited to see what creative minds have cooked up for my favorite characters and worlds. So let’s dive into some of my favorite shows (and shows I’m considering trying out this season) and see where we left off!

The Mindy Project

Tuesdays on Hulu starting Sept. 12

I’m such a fan of The Mindy Project. And I’m sad to see it in it’s final season, but I’m so glad it didn’t get canceled without any kind of closure. Last season was an interesting one with a lot of changes and the deeply felt absence of Danny. But I think the show did a great job of moving past that absence and onto more interesting topics and development of characters. Basically, I don’t know what to expect from the Mindy Project anymore and that’s the best part!

We ended last season with Mindy getting engaged to Ben (seemingly the “Happily Ever After” she’s always been pining for) and open this season with her already married and living that “Happily Ever After” that turns out to not be all that fun. The Ever After part isn’t what makes an interesting story, so where does a show about typical romance stories go from here? I have nothing but high hopes for this final season!

The Good Place

Tuesdays on NBC starting Sept. 20

Okay, if you’re not watching The Good Place then you are MISSING OUT! Kristen Bell. Ted Danson. Lots of death jokes. A healthy dose of cynicism. Absurd happenings. And it’s about the good side of the afterlife…right?

I haven’t felt a connection to a comedy show like this in a long time.  It’s a show about morality and good deeds, but it is SO MUCH MORE. And hilarious. And weird. And like The Mindy Project, I don’t know what to expect around each corner, which is what I really enjoy in a TV show.

I won’t give you a rundown of how season 1 ended just in case you haven’t seen it yet. (If not, go binge it on Netflix now!) If you have seen season 1, then you’re probably just as excited for what season 2 has in store for us!

(NOTE: Between writing this blog and posting it, I got to watch the season 2 premiere and it is EVERY bit as amazing as I had hoped. I am SO excited for this season!)

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Tuesdays on FOX starting Sept. 26

Last season ended with the OMG moment of Jake and Rosa actually being (wrongfully) convicted and sentenced to prison! We’ve had dire season finale’s before (like when Jake and Holt had to go into the witness protection program last year), but there always seemed to be an obvious resolution (aka “Catch the Bad Guy”). But this particular ending feels much more out of their hands since they did their best detective work and still got outsmarted. And now they’re in jail.  So it looks like it might be up to the rest of the team to figure out how to right this wrong and bring them home!

While I have pretty good faith that the Nine-Nine team is up for the task and Rosa and Jake won’t be spending too long in prison (I imagine, 3 or 4 episodes? I think that’s how long Jake and Holt were in Florida.) I do think it could give the show an opportunity to breathe and highlight the rest of the cast. One of the biggest issues I’ve had with Brooklyn Nine-Nine in the last season or so is that Charles Boyle’s character has become something of a caricature of his original self. He offers a lot more than physical comedy gags and being the butt of every joke. Can we bring back a little more heroic Charles, please?

This is Us

Tuesdays on NBC starting Sept. 26

Bring on the feels (and the tears) people! I am so ready for this! From the moment I saw the trailer for season 1 last year, I knew something special was happening. And not a single episode disappointed me. (In fact, I’m not sure if there was a single episode I didn’t cry in!) This is Us is a masterful show of emotion. I’m so invested in all the characters and what their stories have revealed so far. I’m afraid for what’s going to happen to Jack (because Milo Ventimiglia! *swoons*) I’m excited for anything and everything that involves Randall/Sterling K. Brown because he is a powerhouse on that show! And I love Kate like a sister, like myself. I connect with her insecurities on an intense level.

Basically I am SO READY for season 2!

Once Upon a Time

Fridays on ABC starting Oct. 6

Since OUAT season 6 wrapped up the main storyline with Emma Swan and we’re now jumping forward in time AND getting a new main character and storybook characters, I thought I’d save all my thoughts for its own dedicated blog post. Just know that while I’m sad to see so many of my favorite characters go, I’m excited for a new storybook and a revamp on the formula!


Wednesdays on The CW starting Oct. 11

So I waited until Riverdale was on Netflix over the summer to watch it, and OH MY GOSH I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS SHOW! It’s full of beautiful people and a sexy darkness without the supernatural element that was so customary for The Vampire Diaries. There’s murder and intrigue and mystery and plucky heroines trying to investigate and save the day. Basically it’s amazing, and Fred Andrews better not be dead! But whether he is or not, we’re definitely in for another amazing season.

I do worry about it falling into a sophomore slump like many shows do, but from everything I’ve seen so far, I have nothing but high hopes for higher stakes and more interesting stories. 

Jane the Virgin

Fridays on The CW starting Oct. 13

Jane the Virgin has a special place in my heart. I’ve loved it since the beginning and this last season was a rollercoaster. Jane and Michael got married! Michael got shot before they had sex! Michael didn’t die and Jane eventually got to lose her virginity! But Michael died from complications of that original gunshot wound. And it broke all our hearts. Even those who weren’t particular Jane and Michael shippers, I think we all knew the importance and sweetness of their relationship.

Then with a three year time jump, a fling with a sexy boy toy, and questioning whether she still had feelings for Rafael, I was actually a bit exhausted by the end of the season.  I enjoyed the time jump (it was needed!) But it also felt like something that should have happened between seasons and not midseason. Ultimately, it left the second half of the season feeling oddly disjointed for me as some episodes felt like filler while others were incredibly poignant.

I still have high hopes for this season though. Though the new promo leaves a bit to be desired in terms of what’s actually going to happen this season, I love Jane the Virgin for its wittiness and snark and telenovela charm.


What about NEW shows coming to your TV/streaming service this fall?

Also if you’re interested in NEW shows this 2017-2018 season, here’s what has caught my eye! (Though honestly, I already consume a fair amount of content. It’s probably going to have to turn out to be a breakout hit for me to add something else to my roster!)

The Good Doctor (Mondays on ABC starting Sept. 25) →  I’m a sucker for Freddie Highmore. He’ll always be the amazing musical prodigy from August Rush for me and so the idea of him being another savant/genius makes me especially intrigued. I also don’t have anymore medical dramas right now since I gave up on Grey’s Anatomy a few seasons back. I never really forgave them for killing Lexi and Mark. And after Derrick died…my heart just wasn’t in it anymore.

The Bold Type (Available on the Freeform app and Hulu) → So technically this was a summer breakout hit, but I wasn’t quite convinced at the outset to watch it, but after seeing several previews and reading about the buzz it was creating, it’s left me wanting to get on The Bold Type train. Since there are only 10 episodes, I’ll probably binge it sometime this fall in hopes of a second season!

The Gifted (Mondays on FOX starting Oct. 2) and Marvel’s Runaways (Tuesdays on Hulu starting Nov. 21) → So I have a thing for kids with superpowers stories. (I blame Disney’s Sky High and Static Shock honestly). Both of these shows have the kids with power premise although they seem like entirely different shows. The Gifted has the mythology behind X-Men and political allegories while still being a family drama. Marvel’s The Runaways seems ensemble and friendship-focused.  I’ll be interested to see how they’re received and whether it would be worthwhile to watch an episode or two and see if I like it!

Kevin (Probably) Saves The World (Tuesdays on ABC starting Oct. 3) → For some reason, I’ve always been intrigued by shows that explore Christian mythology. Joan of Arcadia and The Returned are a few that come to mind. Kevin (Probably) Saves The World has gotten my attention for this reason too as Kevin touches a meteor and then finds himself being able to see an angel who tasks him with learning to be selfless in order to save the world (or something along those lines.) I might give it a chance if I have some free time. We shall see!

The Shannara Chronicles (Wednesdays on Spike starting Oct. 11) → So technically this show isn’t new this season. But I did think it was dead since it premiered in 2015 for one season on MTV and then went on a weird year long hiatus but was never officially canceled. And yet, here we are! It’s now got a new lease on life for at least a season on Spike. I love a good fantasy show and though Shannara is by no means perfect, it intrigued me enough to stick through the whole first season. So I am excited to try out season 2 and see what a new network has to offer!

Any new shows this fall that have you hyped? Something you think I should check out? Let me know in the comments! I might just watch it and review it on my YouTube channel!


Stitchers Season 3 Finale Reactions and Hopes for the Future!

Hello my fellow Stitchers friends (or maybe you’re wondering what this whole “Stitchers” thing is about)! We’ve come to the close of another season of Stitchers on Freeform. It’s always gut-wrenching (because the Stitchers writers can be merciless with their cliffhangers!) as well as sad (because no more Stitchers for who knows how long!?) This season was a culmination of much of the mystery behind the Stitchers program, Kirsten’s fractured family, and the romance writhing under the surface for #Camsten.

So how did everything turn out? And where might it go if Freeform renews this beloved show for another season? (#RenewStitchers4 on social media, peeps. Shout it from the rooftops!) Let’s find out!

Ivy is good!

About two-thirds of the way through the season, they dropped the bombshell that Ivy was the one who created and ran the anomaly that trapped Kirsten inside of her own mind at the end of season 2. Everyone dealt with the news in their own way, but it dealt particularly hard blows to Kirsten (who felt betrayed by a sister) and Linus (who felt like his affection for her had been abused). Considering that Ivy hadn’t even known Kirsten that long at the time of the anomaly and we see that Stinger kept showing up and demanding her help, she seemed like a lost cause!

However, Maggie knew what she was doing and had Ivy double cross Stinger which ultimately led to his arrest. Hooray! Kirsten and Ivy get a chance to form a sisterly bond, and Linus FINALLY gets that date with her.

Camille is working on those trust issues!

One of the first revelations of the finale is that Camille and Amanda (now back together, yay!) are going to move in together! And even more surprising, Camille is actually 100% down for it, show a big step for her in terms of personal growth and opening up to trust again.

While I’m not sure I’m as 100% down with this idea as she is (I love Amanda, but it seems so fast and reckless! Like I know you want to learn to trust more, but girl, there are steps between 0 and 100!), I do wonder how this will play out. I think Camille has a lot of baggage from her past that she needs to deal with before any long-term relationship is going to work. Maybe Amanda will be someone who can help with this? But I could also see it taking a toll on their relationship as they try to move forward.

Who picks the stitches? Kirsten’s brain!

In a lot of science-y explanation, we learn that Kirsten and her mom both have nanobots installed at the base of their brain stem. According to Stinger it was how the Stitchers technology was originally designed to work (and what caused the “reflection” that Cameron’s mom saw in Kirsten’s brain scans). But through a bit of sleuthing in Denise Nichols’ memory (a NASA mathematician they learn has been somehow involved in choosing the cases to Stitch into), they realize that the nanobots in Kirsten’s brain have actually been exchanging information with Denise’s supercomputer, but it was ultimately Kirsten’s brain that picked the cases based on what parts of the brain were left to map. Whoa! Talk about the unconscious mind, right!

All the Stingers are now alive and awake!

The episode ends with Kirsten and the team being able to successfully wake up Jacqueline from her stitch-induced coma by firing Kirsten’s emotional energy from the corpse cassette toward her mother in the stitch tank. And in a beautiful scene of all white and light where Jacqueline and Kirsten meet for the first time in years, their theory proves successful. Sleeping beauty is awake and Prince Charmless (aka Stinger) is there to gather her up in his arms and promise he’ll never leave her. (Which, on the one hand, is a great callback to season 2’s finale when Cameron promised Kirsten he’d never leave her, but also proves that Stinger’s one and only priority has always been Jacqueline and not either of his daughters).

Camsten finally got to be together! (For a little while…)

#Camsten finally became a real thing this season! And with Linus’ genius work on an oxytocin filter, by the end of the season, they got to be together physically as well. So the finale begins with culmination of their romantic relationship, and you just knew it was too good to be true. Midway through the episode I was afraid that during the ultimate stitch, Kirsten would revert back to her emotionless, temporal dysplasia problem. (It seemed fitting because it was Kirsten’s initial stitch into her unconscious but still alive mother as a child that gave her temporal dysplasia in the first place.)

So while I was relieved that the consequences of the ultimate stitch weren’t a loss of her emotions, I wasn’t expecting the gut-punch that was her losing her memories.  On the one side, you’ve got Cameron freaking out and blaming himself because he allowed her to stitch when he knew it wasn’t safe. But on the other side, you have their friends trying to remain positive and not place blame because it’s out of their control now anyway, right?

Lost memory or covert mission?

But did Kirsten actually lose her memory? It seems heartbreakingly so until the final moment of the finale when a shadowy figure approaches Kirsten and she says, “I will never forgive you for what you’re making me do to him.” Which, of course, had all the Stitchers fans like:

So what might season 4 hold for the Stitchers crew?

We’re, of course, all asking, “Who’s Kirsten talking to?” and I think that will be at the forefront of our minds if (when!) we get a season 4. My prediction is that it’s actually Jacqueline. Most things I’ve seen have suggested Maggie or Stinger, but when did Kirsten have time to coordinate with someone her “memory loss” post stitch. No one, except for her mother, who via the nanobots they both have implanted in their brains, could potentially communicate with one another, especially when they were connected in the stitch.

As for motivation, that’s a little bit harder. We’ve only ever seen positive memories and affection shown for Jacqueline. Though she hasn’t played much of a role on-screen so far, the IDEA of her has permeated the show and Kirsten’s motivations since season 1. Essentially, while she’s been implied to be a “good guy” on the show, there’s actually no evidence to prove this. And who knows what happened to her while she was in a stitch-induced coma for years? Basically, I think Jacqueline might be next season’s new antagonist. What she’s actually working towards and whether it’s for the good or bad of our beloved characters, I’m not quite sure about yet, but I think if she is the one Kirsten was talking to, she’s definitely going to be causing some trouble!

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